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  • About: The Boa Constrictor or Red Tailed Boa is a large, heavy bodied snake that can reach lengths from 4-13 ft. Females are generally larger in both length and girth than males, being on average 7-10 feet long and weighing 8 to 33 lbs upon maturity, while mature males on average are 6-8 ft long. The coloring of boas can vary greatly, however they are generally a brown or cream base color.


  • Habitat: Boa Constrictors prefer warm temperatures between 89 to 92  degrees in their enclosures. They prefer a more humid environment and are very good swimmers. You can use newspaper or reptile bedding in their enclosures and they should be cleaned regularly. When they are in shed, recognizable by dull coloring of their skin and blue eyes, make sure there is plenty of moisture in their enclosure so they can successfully get rid of their old skin.


  • Well Being: Boa Constrictors like a diet of domestic rats and mice, either live, killed, or frozen-thawed. The size of the prey item given to a boa should be no longer than the girth of the snake to avoid digestive problems. Young boas typically should be fed every 5-7 days for a healthy diet and to increase the weight and length of the snake. Adult boas can be fed every 10-14 days. Keep in mind that sometimes your snake will not eat when they are in shed; this is perfectly normal. Make sure to always have fresh water for them at all times in their enclosures!

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