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Kenyan Sand Boas

  • About: Kenyan Sand Boas are the most commonly kept Sand Boas. They are a small, terrestrial species and are suitable for beginners. They are a small bodied snake with males rarely exceeding 18 inches in length, while females can grow to around 30 inches. They can live for 20 years or more in captivity.


  • Habitat: Kenyan Sand Boas are primarily nocturnal and they spend much of their time buried in substrate. They are not a display animal and need to have sand in their enclosures that they can hide in. You can find the appropriate type of sand in any of the major pet stores. You will also have to make sure they have water at all times.


  • Well Being: Kenyan Sand Boas like a diet of live or frozen-thawed small or fuzzy mice. Hatchlings will require feeding twice weekly and will normally start on small pinkies. To prevent impaction of substrate in the gut, it is best to feed these boas in a separate feeding tub. If you choose to feed them in their enclosure, place the rodent on a piece of newspaper or rock that you can remove once they are done feeding. Keep in mind that sometimes your snake will not eat when they are in shed; this is perfectly normal. Make sure to always have fresh water for them at all times in their enclosures!


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