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Reptile Removal Services

Contact us if you have a reptile or amphibian in your home, shed, vehicle, or anywhere else on your property.  We are licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as Wildlife Damage Control Operators (WDCO) who can legally remove and relocate reptiles.  The sooner that you contact us the better if you have seen a snake on your property!  We are also available to perform pre-inspections if you feel that reptiles may easily get into your home or on your property and want suggestions on how to prevent them from getting inside.


We currently only provide reptile removal services in the Montgomery and Howard County areas in Maryland.  I charge $100 to drive to the location if within 20 minutes one direction from me, and $200 for 20-30 minute drive, $300 30-40 mins, after 40 mins I would recommend finding someone who lives closer. Check with the DNR to get a list of licensed people that are in your arear.

As for the walk around and look around that is free for the first 20 minutes and then $20 for each additional 10 mins needed.

If I catch and remove anything it is $25 a snake, unless venomous, then it is $100 a snake.

I can put your address in to see how far you are from me, to be able to give an estimate, just text me the address.  Thanks.


Remember that snakes are a protected species in Maryland and it is illegal to kill them!  Snakes play a very important role in the eco-system and hurting them hurts our environment.  Have us safely relocate them for you.  

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