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Unwanted Reptiles

First off we are not a licensed Reptile Rescue.  We do keep and breed captive bred reptiles and have rescued reptiles before.  We are a licensed wildlife reptile removal and relocation service though for native wildlife. 

With that being said If you contact me about unwanted reptiles I can either point you in the right direction or if it is an animal I can keep and work with I may be able to take it in.



Do you have a turtle, tortoise, snake, or other reptile and can no longer provide an appropriate home for it/them? We may be able to help. We understand that sometimes things don't work out as planned and being a facility dedicated to these animals and being a member of many groups that are also dedicated to these animals, we try to help whenever we can to get them into a better situation.


If you're looking for a naturalistic, safe haven for your animal(s), then this may be the place. We work as a family 24/7 with the turtles and tortoises and other reptiles here making sure they always have everything they need.


Having said that, there are just some things we cannot do or situation we may not be able to point you in the right direction for.


If you have a species of turtle or tortoise or other reptile, feel free to contact us by sending an email ( or text (2404983448) and make sure you fully understand the following:​​


  • You must not be in violation of any laws concerning protected species, for example: Please do not ask us to take in an eastern box turtle if you're in Pennsylvania because you are in violation of the state's law just by having it!


  • We will not accept any sick animals. Introducing a sick animal to our facility can have detrimental effects to our healthy ones.


  • By surrendering any animal to us, you are giving up all rights to it/them.


  • Donations to our facility are not required by any means, but we do appreciate them to help with feeding, supplies and vet bills. 

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